Bracelet Sizing

'Raspberry Pavlova' Garland Bracelet

To ensure I make your bracelet the correct length, I need some information from you.

I need to know ...

A) The circumference of your wrist.

You can measure around your wrist with a tape measure, or if you can't find your tape measure in the Drawer of Doom or if the cat's chased it under the sofa, take a strip of paper or a lenth of string, wrap it around your wrist, mark it and then measure it against a ruler.


B) Whether you'd like a snug, comfortable (regular) or loose fit.

Then using some maths and a handy tool I can make the bracelet just right for you. It's no good measuring the length of an existing bracelet because the height of the bracelet or the size of the beads used affect the finished length, you see. I just need you to enter those two bits of information in the notes section at checkout.

'Rainbow' Bracelet

"But what if the bracelet is a gift for someone and me suddenly grasping their wrist and wrapping a tape measure around it will give the gifty game away, Laura?"

Don't worry. I make almost all of my bracelets to fit a 'standard' female wrist. (Yes, I am totally aware that there is no such thing as 'standard' but I have to make them some length and I've gone with the most popular.) Standard is 6.5" to 7" wrist circumference with a comfortable (regular) fit. If the bracelet doesn't fit the recipient, you can return the bracelet to me and I will adjust it accordingly. There is no charge for adjustments.

'Apple Blossom' Garland Bracelet

I can also fit lobster clasp closure bracelets with an extender chain at no additional cost. Just let me know if you'd like this option in the notes section at checkout.

There is no charge for me making a bracelet longer; humans are all different sizes and that's just groovy.

If you have any questions at all regarding bracelet sizing, measuring and adjustments, give me a shout.