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I have a 'Lonelies Jar' in my kitchen window sill which contains beads that don't seem to belong anywhere. They are simply leftovers from sets, one-offs, experiments, or beads that for some reason just didn't fit within a set.

Some of the beads that end up in the jar are often there with no good reason other than how I felt about those beads on the day I took them off their mandrels. There is nothing wrong with these beads; it's just their colours didn't work out as I wanted them to, or they weren't quite what I had in mind when I set out to make them.

Sometimes you just want an odd bead here or there, for a pendant or a charm or whatever, and you don't need a whole matching set. This is where my Lonelies can be useful.

All of the beads on this page are fine and usable, and they are all kiln annealed and thoroughly cleaned.

Please bookmark this page and check it from time to time - I will add beads to it every now and again.

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